What Rotating Residential Proxies do you offer ?

Shifter offers two main products of Rotating Residential Proxies: 

  • Special Rotating Residential Proxies 
  • Basic Rotating Residential Proxies 

How do they work ? 

Our rotating residential proxies work as gateways under the form of proxy ports. 

Proxy ports connect to our entire pool and are randomly assigned a residential IP address from our pool. 

Each proxy port gets a unique IP address every rotation (let’s say for example that you have a 5 ports plan, you will be able to access 5 new residential IPs every rotation time). The IP rotation time is set from the user Dashboard (and it’s handled automatically by our systems) and can be set ranging from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. 

What is the difference between Basic and Special Rotating Residential Proxies ?

Basic Rotating Proxies 

Designed for special use-cases, basic rotating proxies don’t allow geotargeting (you can select the geolocation of your IPso only with special rotating proxies) and are assigned only random IPs from Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries. 

Also high usage websites such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. cannot be accessed using Basic Rotating Residential Proxies. 

Special Rotating Proxies 

Designed to cover all use-cases, special rotating residential proxies allow multiple customisation options: 

  • Geotargeting (you can select a default geo for all your proxy ports, specific geo for each proxy ports or assign multiple geo for each proxy port) 
  • Access all countries in Tier 1, 2 and 3
  • Compatibility with Socks 4 and 5 protocols 
  • Access high usage websites using the services option in the configuration dashboard: 
    • Geo - Activate geolocation targeting 
    • Tickets - Access ticketing websites such as: Ticketmaster
    • Amazon - Access any Amazon website 
    • Mail - Acces mailing services such as: Zoho, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail
    • Facebook - Access Facebook 
    • Instagram - Access Instagram 
    • Twitter - Access Twitter
    • Youtube - Access Youtube
    • Vimeo - Access Vimeo 
    • LinkedIn - Access LinkedIn
    • Soundcloud - Access Soundcloud 
    • Skype - Access Skype

In order to maintain high success rates we allow a maximum of 5 services to be activated concurrently on each membership.  

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