How do I select Geolocation targeting ?

Before getting started on configuring your geolocation settings please keep in mind that only Special Rotating Residential Proxies allow geolocation targeting.

In your account dashboard click on Manage on the membership that you want to configure geolocation. 

Step 1: Settings 

Navigate to the Settings tab and select Geo from the list of services under Special Settings then click Save

If you don’t choose Geo from the list and click save you will be assigned a random IP address from a random location). 

Step 2: GEO

Click the GEO section in order to open the geotargeting configuration section: 

If you want to select and assign a default geo for all your proxy ports, just select the countries you want to in the Default GEO section.

If you are looking to assign specific GEOs to your proxy ports use the configuration in the Advanced GEO section as in the example (in our screenshot the port range from 12465 to 12474 was assigned the United States geo location).

Click Save after each configuration update. 

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