How do I use the services in the configuration Dashboard ?

The services configuration option is available only for Special Rotating Residential Proxy plans.

Once you completed the sign-up process access your account and check your user dashboard: 

In order to access the configuration menu click on “Manage” for your selected membership plan and you see the configuration menu. 

Click the Settings section in order to access the following options:

In the Special Settings section you can choose the services you want to activate for your membership (maxim 5 for each service memberships).

If you want to activate Geolocation targeting choose Geo from the list (otherwise your proxy ports will be assigned random IP addresses from random locations).

Continue and select from the list any service that is relevant for your use case (for example if you do Amazon web scraping, select Amazon from the list): 

  • Geo - Activate geolocation targeting 
  • Tickets - Access ticketing websites such as: Ticketmaster
  • Amazon - Access any Amazon website 
  • Mail - Acces mailing services such as: Zoho, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail
  • Facebook - Access Facebook 
  • Instagram - Access Instagram 
  • Twitter - Access Twitter
  • Youtube - Access Youtube
  • Vimeo - Access Vimeo 
  • LinkedIn - Access LinkedIn
  • Soundcloud - Access Soundcloud 
  • Skype - Access Skype

Remember to click Save every time you make a change.

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