How to start using Static Residential Proxies ?

Access your account dashboard

Once you completed the sign-up process access your account and check your user dashboard: 

Configuring your static proxy memberships 

In order to access the configuration menu click on “Manage” for your selected membership plan and you see the configuration menu. 

In the configuration menu you need to add your list of Authorized IPs if you want to use IP Authorization 

Just copy paste the list of authorized IPs or add manually and click “Save” after every change (the list of authorized IPs represents every device IP that you plan to use when accessing your proxies - it can be your web servers, desktop computers or mobile devices) 

Or select User + Password Authentication if you want to use this type of auth instead. You get to choose if you keep the default password generated for the proxies or if you define your own password (it must be alphanumeric and between 5 and 100 characters).

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