What is SERP API ?

SERP API is a REST data API that extracts real-time data from major search engines. With SERP API you can extract data from Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex, fetching search engine results, images, travel data, reviews, news, images and many more. 

What are the main features of Web Scraper API?

  • Easy to use - just integrate the API with your application and call to get raw HTML data from any target website 
  • Proxies made easy - the API is using the Shifter Rotating Residential Proxy Network, with millions of IP addresses and handles by default proxy rotation. 
  • Unlimited scaling - Web Scraping API can process millions of concurrent requests. 
  • Extract key SERP data as:
    • Organic and paid results
    • Stories
    • Local data 
    • Jobs 
    • Question data for AI training
    • Snippets 
  • Extract data in multiple formats: CSV, JSON & HTML 
  • Obtain data from multiple geo locations 
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